Work with us!

We hold auditions every year and are always on the lookout for new actors. If you are a young native English speaking actor who excels at comedy and is a true team player, we might be interested in you! Read on to find out more.

The nitty gritty

Our ideal candidate

  • Is a native English speaker
  • Is 20 to 35 years old
  • Is average size and build (for costume purposes)
  • Is able to perform a wide variety of roles
  • Is a true team member (no divas, please!)
  • Has had a valid driving license for more than 2 years
  • Has a great sense of humour and excels at comedy
  • Has a genuine interest in working in Spain


Our main auditions are in June/July, although we do sometimes hold auditions in November.

They are held in our centre in Barcelona. For those of you living in the UK bear in mind that a return flight to Barcelona with easyJet now costs about the same as day return from London to Manchester. We will pay part of the cost of your audition flight.


We have 9, 6, 5, and 3-month contracts available depending on the season and requirements. We pay standard Spanish equity rates.

Who we are

We are IPA Productions, a theatre company based on the Mediterranean coast, in Barcelona, Spain. We perform educational shows in English to Spanish schools: nursery, primary and secondary. We started in 1997, and since then we have grown to become one of Spain’s most successful educational theatre companies.

We start up each season with rehearsals in September and performances from October to the end of June.The shows are highly mobile; everything fits in one van, which, with three or four actors, travels around Spain performing in schools and theatres. Sometimes they perform in luxurious theatres, sometimes they perform in gymnasiums or even barns! We usually recruit in June/July and take on new actors to join our ever-expanding team.

If you’re interested in working with us, please download and fill in our application form and send it to us with your CV and a recent photo (maximum 250k).

What’s it like to work for IPA?

Although it varies quite a lot, here is a brief description of what you can expect.

The first month is spent rehearsing. This is usually Monday to Friday schedule. The weekends are your own.The following months are spent performing. You will be performing in and around Barcelona, returning home every evening. You will stay in a rented flat which is your permanent base during your time here in Barcelona. We will provide you with accommodation. As we work with schools, when they are on holiday, you are too. This means two weeks at Christmas, a week at Easter and a handful of Bank Holidays liberally scrattered around the calendar.

The weather in Spain is not always hot. September to November is sunny and very pleasant. But from December onwards it gets decidedly cold with daytime temperatures reaching 7ºC. The cold spell lasts till March when the sun comes out again and you can usually start sunbathing on the beach from April.

A day’s work might look like this:

6:30Wake up
7:30Arrive at pick-up point and set off with two other actors in the van and drive an average of 1–1.5 hours to the school (or theatre)
8:45Have breakfast in bar
9:00Move into school and set up (about half an hour if all goes well)
9:45First performance (1 hour)
11:15Second performance (1 hour)
12:15Strike set and get out
12:45Set off to next town of second venue
15:00Move into school and set up (about half an hour if all goes well)
14:00Stop somewhere for lunch (paid for by the company)
15:30Third performance (1 hour)
16:30Strike set and get out
17:00Set off back to Barcelona
18:30Return home

This is about the hardest day you can have. It is possible that the afternoon performance is in the same venue as in the morning. It is possible that there are only two performances during the day or occasionally just the one. It varies quite a bit. But the shows are fun, the children sincerely appreciate your work, the actors are great, and life in Barcelona is good!

Please remember that life in Spain is cheaper than the UK and although it is easy to live comfortably on the wages here, you would be unable to maintain a flat back home and pay rent here. You need to think what it would mean to you to give up your flat in the UK and live in Barcelona for 3–9 months. We think it’s a fantastic opportunity!

For more information about life in Barcelona we recommend you visit the regularly updated website

If you’re interested in working with us, please download and fill in our application form and send it to us with your CV and a recent photo (maximum 250k).


For candidates coming for auditions from the UK here are some frequently asked questions.

If we offer you a position and you accept it, we refund your flight with your first month’s wage. I’m afraid we don’t refund flights to unsuccessful candidates or to those who are offered the job but turn us down.
Visit for a general weather guide as well as a 5-day weather forecast.
We provide your transport while you’re here, and we take you for lunch. So you only need cash for any last minute airport shopping.
Yes, if you ask your phone company for European coverage. Furthermore, it is part of your contract to have a mobile phone so that we can contact you in case of last minute changes, emergencies, etc. However it is much, much cheaper to buy a pre-pay phone in Barcelona which you can sell back to the company at the end of your contract should you get the job.
€1250 per month with accomodation in a shared flat (approximately €350) provided by the company and paid for by the actor.
The cost of living is in general cheaper than the U.K but for up-to-date information visit
If you’re interested in working with us, please download and fill in our application form and send it to us with a recent photo of yourself (maximum 250k).