Real comedies.
Real musicals.
Real theatre.

Our shows for secondary are mostly based on well-known, literary classics and tend to be adapted musical comedies, performed by professional musical theatre actors. Our aim is to hold the interest of teenagers by offering quality theatre that both they and their teachers will enjoy, and which will keep the audience on the edge of their seats with excitement and laughter!

The full script of the show and a large variety of great, teacher-approved classroom activities can be downloaded on our website.

We bring our own light and sound equipment (3000 W). All we need is a 6 x 4 metre stage area with electrical supply.

Our shows


Jonathan loves Mina. Mina thinks she loves Jonathan, but she really loves Count Dracula. Dracula loves Mina, and Van Helsing loves vampires. How will they sort out this problem? With songs, dancing and a big dose of comedy. IPA’s new, improved musical comedy version of Dracula will leave you screaming for more. Literally!

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Availability 2018–19
Duration 60 minutes
Format Large format musical
Content Vocabulary: body, emotions and preferences. Expressions: love, hate, fear, jealousy, giving opinions and advice, making suggestions and taking decisions.
Setup time 60 minutes

A Christmas Carol

Probably Charles Dickens’ most famous novel, A Christmas Carol tells the story of mean Mr. Scrooge. Once a happy and kind man, he has become pessimistic and miserly in his old age.

On Christmas Eve Mr. Scrooge is visited by three ghosts: the Spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Future. They show him all the bad things that he has done, all the bad things that he is doing and all the bad things that he will do if he does not repent and change his behaviour.

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Availability 2017–18, 2018–19
Duration 60 minutes
Format Large
Content Tenses: mostly present with past and future references. Vocabulary of work, family and Christmas. Possessives, ownership and greed. Functions: imperatives, giving advice, complaining, expressing preference, likes and dislikes.
Setup time 75 minutes

The actors talk about Macbeth

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