The Art of Learning

The Art of Learning

IPA Director and international author*, Ian Gibbs, helps teachers who want their students to reach their maximum potential by explaining what the rules of learning are and some very useful tricks and techniques to learn more in less time. 

In this one-hour presentation, Ian explains some of the most common mistakes we make as learners, how the brain ‘learns’ and what students can do to work with the brain and not against it.

After this talk, students have a clearer idea of how to study, have more mental tools and feel more motivated.

The Art of Learning is the seminar about learning that you don’t want your students to miss. 

* Publications include Learning A Language, 23 Tips to Learn Stuff Better and 23 Tips to Get Higher Grades.

Level Batxillerat
Content Learning techniques
Language English, Catalan or Spanish
Duration 60 minutes
Requirements PowerPoint support
Setup time 10 minutes