Aladdin and his mother work very, very hard in their laundry, washing, ironing and sewing. Every day they dream of a better life. But one day, Aladdin finds a magic lamp amongst the piles of dirty clothes and soon a genie offers to improve his life and find him his ideal job. But what is Aladdin’s ideal job? Something easy, something fun, something that pays a lot of money? With the help of the audience, Aladdin tries several "ideal" jobs before he learns that not everything is as easy as it looks, and that what you dream for may well have been right in front of you all the time.

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Level 3r–4t de Primària
Format Medium
Duration 55 minutes
Content Verbs: present tense. Vocabulary: food and clothing, professions, basic adjectives. Functional language: expressing likes and dislikes and offering things.
Setup time 60 minutes